Polo Valley invites you discover the sport of Kings—an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our approach ensures a swift entry into the world of polo, guiding you toward a deep passion for the sport and proficiency as a player. We offer riding and polo lessons, along with tailored-made programmes—the proven recipe to become a polo player and enjoy a unique experience in a safe and enriching environment. Discover a unique lifestyle with Polo Valley.

Riding lessons


Beginners: Learn to ride the polo way, with one of our qualified riding instructors who will have you learning the basics on horseback whilst gaining your riding confidence in the saddle.  A minimum commitment of 3 lessons is necessary to ensure your immersion in the sport and commitment to learning.

Players: Riding skills make 70% of your game, improve your technique and make the difference on the match day.


3 lessons: €1.200 + VAT

5 lessons: €1.750 + VAT

10 lessons: €3.000 + VAT

    Duration: 1 hour


    Beginners: You will be taught everything you need to know, from understanding the rules, hitting the ball and playing your first chukkas. A minimum commitment of 3 lessons is necessary to ensure your immersion in the sport and commitment to learning.

    Players: Refine your skills and experience drastic improvements that are almost impossible to achieve without the right methods.


    3 lessons: €1.200 + VAT

    5 lessons: €1.750 + VAT

    10 lessons: €3.000 + VAT

    Duration: 1 hour

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    Embark on a transformative polo journey with Polo Valley’s Discovery Week—a tailored one-week programme designed for newcomers to fast-track their polo skills. This immersive experience includes four hours of daily saddle time, workshops led by seasoned professionals, yoga sessions, personalized physiotherapy and your first official polo match followed by a prizegiving and a unique celebration by the lake.

    No prior riding experience is required. With over a decade of expertise, we provide a safe and welcoming environment for total beginners and novices to thrive.

    Dates 2024:

    April 13th to April 20th

    May 18th to May 25th (fully booked)

    June 8th to June 15th

    August 10th to August 17th (fully booked)

    September 14th to September 21st


    The invitation only two-week experience offering a year’s worth of polo condensed into the splendor of Sotogrande’s summer. This experience is a transformative journey, carefully curated to elevate selected participants from novices to official polo players.

    Push your body and mind to the limit learning one of the most seductive sports in the world. With full support from our team of professional trainers, nutritionists and physiotherapists, follow an intense training itinerary and battle it out against your opponents in a professional match in front of a glamorous crowd, understanding why this sport has been kept a secret for so long.

    Price: €20.000 + vat

    Dates 2024:

    July 6th to July 20th

    The polo challenge
    polo lessons for kids


    Discover our engaging youth programmes designed for kids aged 7 and older. We offer a structured extracurricular polo initiative and an exciting summer camp, both tailored to introduce children to polo fundamentals in a safe and enjoyable environment. Our programmes are perfect for total beginners and those with basic skills, fostering a love for polo in a supportive setting.

    Dates 2024:

    Extracurricular programme: Mondays from January to April

    Summer polo camp: August 3rd to August 10th 


    Discover the first programme in the world to offer world-class education in one of the best international schools in Spain, the Sotogrande International School, combined with elite polo training at Polo Valley.

    At Sotogrande Polo Academy your child will train like a world-class player 20 hours per week.

    8 students maximum.

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