POLO at polo valley

two riders on horseback

Riding Lessons

Why not start off your polo journey with some riding lessons at Polo Valley?

Learn to ride the polo way, with one of our qualified riding instructors who will have you learning the basics on horseback whilst gaining your confidence in the saddle. Our riding lessons last for roughly an hour, giving you plenty of time in the saddle to work with our coaches.

Our team of professionals will develop a bespoke program for you and with a selection of over 50 ponies, you can be sure that we will have the right pony for you.

Whether you are new to riding and are looking for your first lesson or two, before heading out onto the polo field or whether you are a regular player looking to improve your ride-offs or lead changes. Riding lessons are always an exciting option to consider during your trip. Regardless of ability, our team are here to ensure each individual gets what he or she wants from each session.

Duration: 1 hour

Prices from: €175 plus vat

Ability: Any

Polo Lessons

There is a reason they call polo ‘The game of Kings’. The sport combines skill, speed, timing and horsemanship.

Beginners will be taught everything you need to know, from putting your boots on and mounting one of our ponies, to understanding the rules and by the end of your stay you will be riding, hitting the ball and playing your first instructional match. Players will hone their skills and experience drastic improvements that are almost impossible to achieve without these intensive training methods.

Duration: 1 hour

Prices from: €175 plus vat

Ability: Any

teaching beginner polo
two riders on horseback

The Polo Experience

The Polo Experience is an induction to the world of polo, made for those who haven’t had the chance yet to discover this incredible sport, known as the “Sport of Kings”. The 2h event is based around several activities to showcase the best of the sport, such as:

  • Induction to the polo world: History of polo, basic rules & tactics and why Sotogrande is one of the most important locations for polo in the world.

  • Learn how to swing: Throughout different activities (hand-mallets, wooden horses, walking match) learn the different swings and when to use each one of them.

  • First polo experience: 20 minutes of a riding lesson and first try of hitting the ball from a moving horse.

      Duration: 2 hours

      Prices from: €250 plus vat

      Ability: Any

      playing a polo match

      Polo Days

      The polo day consists of a morning stick & ball session (polo lesson) with bespoke drills such as penalty practice and ball control exercises giving more of a focus to your polo development, followed by practise chukkas later in the afternoon. This tried and tested combination allows you to train and improve in the morning and then immediately put it into practise in the afternoon. We offer designated beginner and player practise sessions depending on your polo level and experience.

      Beginner practice session:

      • Practise at a walk, trot and occasional slow-canter.
      • Explanation of rules and breakdown of plays by qualified coaches. 
      • Two extended chukkas.
      • Designed for those looking to play their first ever instructional match in a controlled environment.

      Prices from: €400 plus vat

      Ability: Beginner

      Player practice session:  

      • Traditional practice – four timed practise chukkas.
      • Run by professional players from 2-5 goals.
      • Fouls are called.

      Prices from: €750 plus vat

      Ability: Player