Known locally as the pioneering club for challenging any polo enthusiast, Polo Valley is constantly innovating in new and exciting programmes.


An accredited polo programme designed to introduce and educate you in the world of polo. Perfect for any young professional looking to discover the sport of kings, training like a pro during two weeks with other like minded individuals.

Throughout the PIP you can expect to immerse yourself in an itinerary of adrenaline fuelled sessions to learn every single aspect of the sport: theoretical, technical, physical and polo sessions to push your boundaries to a whole new level.

The recommended way to learn polo.

Price: €10.000 + vat

(accommodation and full board included)

Dates 2023: 14th January to 29th January

Dates 2024: 13th January to 28th January


The programme any seasonal player needs to get back into the swing of things ahead of the season. Take the opportunity to improve on the details that will make the difference on the polo fields during the summer tournaments. 

Price: €7.500 + vat 

Dates 2023: 11th March to 19th March 

Dates 2024: 9th March to 16th March 


Provoked by a need for a different kind of polo experience. Partake in a 3-day tournament for a once in a lifetime opportunity to train with one of the top players of the world during a full-day workshop.

Having already worked with historical player Pelón Stirling, last year we had the pleasure of inviting Guillermo “Terra” (hcp 9) to join us.

Become one of the 9 candidates to participate in a week designed completely around you, the player. The pro’s take supporting roles in each team but never centre stage and cannot score. You are the game changers, the catalysts and the facilitators in each chukka. 

Price: €12.500 + vat 

Dates 2023: 24th June to 2nd July

Dates 2024: 29th June to 7th July 


The invitation only programme has been carefully curated to take selected candidates from complete novices to official polo players.

Push your body and mind to the limit learning one of the most seductive sports in the world. With full support from our team of professional trainers, nutritionists and physiotherapists, follow an intense training itinerary and battle it out against your opponents in a professional match in front of a glamorous crowd, understanding why this sport has been kept a secret for so long. 

Price: €18.500 + vat

Dates 2023:

Week 1: 10th June to 18th June 
Week 2: 15th July to 23nd July

Dates 2024:

Week 1: 15th June to 23rd June 
Week 2: 20th July to 28th July

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