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As we all know, COVID has affected our lives dramatically and changed our daily routines, but in some aspects such as in work things can be better. For example, a study by the London School of Economics says that some people who had to start working remotely are more productive. If that is your case, it’s essential to find a balance to maintain your mental & physical wellbeing. So wether you’re working from home, or anywhere else to escape the routine, we’ve prepared some tips to make your remote working super productive. Keep scrolling!

Polo Valley Guest house View

Main Suite at the Polo Valley Guesthouse overviewing the Polo Field.

1. Create a morning routine

How you start your day will define the rest of it. After a fresh awakening shower, dress as if you were going to the office. You can always choose something more comfortable, but never stay in your pijamas. Let your private chef prepare you a healthy breakfast while you enjoy some coffee or tea feeling the morning breeze. Then your body is ready to work!

Breakfast With Polo Valley

Bathroom at the Polo Valley Guest House

 Morning Breakfast at Polo Valley

 2. Prepare your private office

Choose the perfect spot of the house and adapt it to your needs, but make sure you always keep it nice and clean. Try to work surrounded by natural light or nice soft lamps. Keep your necessary office supplies simple and enhance the atmosphere. with some scent drops. Tidy place, tidy mind. The Guest House at Polo Valley offers different quiet spaces for you to focus, but if you are seeking a more professional space, request in advance our Conference Room. Who wouldn’t be able to work efficiently overlooking green fields, horses and palm trees?

Working Abroad In Spain

Terrace at the Polo Valley Guesthouse

3. Schedule your breaks

It is very easy to forget taking brakes when you are not in your regular office, but try to respect them in order to clear your mind and be more efficient. Plan the exact times for your breaks before the week starts (it’s better to be consistent) and complete them. We recommend 15 minutes break during the morning, 1 hour at lunch time, and 15 more minutes in the afternoon. Why not take a walk around the polo field or lake during your break time? Or even 1h Stick & Balling during the morning for an energy rush?

Polo Field in Sotogrande

Polo field at Polo Valley

4. Avoid distractions

With no one else working nearby, it can be really tempting to check that one social notification, turn on the TV to listen the news or even visit the fridge often. Try to put these distractions to the back of your mind for you and stay glued to your chair (use the breaks for those things). Please ask our dedicated concierge team for any request, which may help to ease your mind and stay focused.

5. Leave your office from time to time

Working from home can be an issue when the professional life takes over your personal one. Be careful to not using the same things for both spheres or maybe try moving your work space to other areas of the house throughout the day. When in need of some fresh air, spend some minutes outside, chat to someone or go visit your favorite buddies. You won’t have to worry about missing any calls, the Polo Valley Guest House is just a few steps away from the main barn, so you can literally hear the phone ring and go to pick it up in time.

Horse Stable in Soto
Pool in Polo Valley

Barn at Polo Valley

Swimming pool at the Polo Valley Guest House 

6. End your day doing what you love

After a hard day of work, our recommendation is to spend some free time outside the house and if possible, away from screens. Exercise or take a long walk, practice your favorite hobby, swim in a lake or simply enjoy being surrounded by nature and animals. At Polo Valley you can find a wide range of experience for all levels, from polo lessons to river hacks, to give your mind and body the wellbeing they deserve to end a long day.

River riding with Horses with Polo Valley
Riding Polo in Sotogrande

River hack at Guadiaro River

Playing chukkas at Polo Valley

Work from (polo) home

At Polo Valley, we are used to hosting CEO’s, entrepreneurs and very busy individuals in need of a private and quiet place. Here they can stay committed to their work while enjoying our facilities and experiences. If you are interested in taking your work on holiday with you, ask for our accommodation options and discover the benefits of working remotely in an exclusive area in the South of Spain surrounded by nature, horses and more.